7 Crime Prevention Principles You Can Apply in Your Area

7 Crime Prevention Principles You Can Apply in Your AreaTo enhance the security near your business or residential area, applying crime prevention principles is very important. These principles can be used for implementation and development by business, communities, or individuals. For more explanation regarding the principles, you can read on the next paragraph.

The following list will describe 7 crime prevention principles:
• Target hardening: to reduce the chance of burglars to access your property, make it harder to access them. Use reliable locks on the outbuildings, sheds, windows, doors. For online accounts, use secure passwords to avoid criminals from hacking.
• Target removal: make sure a possible target is unreachable. Do not leave valuable items near your windows. Put your car inside the garage and make sure no valuables inside the car. Be cautious about things you post on internet because it can be used to locate your position offline.
• Reduce the means: remove any item that can help the offender commit a crime. Do not leave ladders and tools in your garden and clear any bricks or rubble. Keep the wheelie bins unreachable as it can be used to aid climbing or transporting items.
• Reduce the payoff: reducing the amount of profit that can be earned from the crime. Make sure to do security marking on your property or mark it in a way that people will refuse to purchase from the burglar. Do not buy any item you suspect or believe to be burglarized.
• Access control at http://agenbola108.net for locking the windows and doors to both vehicles and house. Make sure the walls, hedges, fencing, and other type of boundaries are in good conditions. Put any possible security system such as ID cards, security guards, or entry barriers.
• Surveillance: improve surveillance near public places, homes, or businesses to deter offenders. Remove high fences or hedges in front of you house that enable a criminal to work unseen. You can add CCTV if needed. Establish a Neighborhood Watch Scheme within your residence.
• Environmental change: make sure the broader community and your property looks are cared for. Ensure that commercial or domestic waste and graffiti is cleaned up. Report any issues regarding broken street lights or fly-tipping to the related authority. Work together with local authority and police to close a footway.

Those are several principle to prevent crime from happening near your residential area. Working together with your neighborhood, police, and local authorities is need to establish a good crime prevention system.